What is That Automation Guy

That Automation Guy is a Blog published by Vikesh - TexAu Founder. In this blog, we talk about automation, growth, and running our business more efficiently.

What is That Automation Guy


I’m so glad to see you here 🙏

I was thinking of doing something like this for quite some time and I feel, this is the right time.

In the past 3 years, I learned a lot about Automation, building chatbots, basic browser tricks that save hours of manual work and I want to share everything with you as well. I learn everything by doing, so everything that you will read in this newsletter is all tried and tested methods by me.

On September 21st, 2020, I wrote this post on my Facebook wall about this idea and so many people commented on my post.

Posted this on Facebook

I now have the initial audience, my friends on Facebook — who are willing to read my post and learn things together. I’m going to start writing here and share everything that I have learned and learning every day.

Well, after 2 months, I decided to update the fee to $100/year or $15/month.

How much would it cost?

  1. For the first 1000 early adopters, membership will cost $100/year.
  2. After 1000 members, it will cost $400/year
  3. You can join for free as well and read my public articles accessible to everyone.

What you get

  1. One post every week on this substack.
  2. Exclusive access to the “Automation and Growth Hacking” group.
  3. Exclusive discount on the software.
  4. Access to the latest Sofware Review videos with deep insights.
  5. Behind the scenes of everything that I’m doing. ( Tech, Travel, things happening in life)

Why you should join

If you do business on the web, you should definitely join this newsletter. I will share more and more automation, growth hacking, and browser tricks that will save hours of manual work. In today’s life, time is everything. If you something you learn that saves you a few hours of manual work when needed, you should not hesitate in paying a small token every month :) I will try my best to give you 10x value in return for a small cup of coffee ☕️.


  • Can we do a yearly subscription?
    Yes, with the yearly subscription you get $50 OFF.
  • Can we cancel the subscription?
    Yes, you can unsubscribe to this newsletter anytime :)
  • What tools and software are you going to talk about?
    I’m not limiting myself to only a set of tools but we are going to use free tools wherever possible and how simple strategies can save us tons of money. We will start with Google Sheet, Email marketing solutions, Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly, Website builder, scrapers, and slowly move to other complex software.
  • I want to request a guide, where can I submit my request?
    Please submit your requests to hello@vikeshtiwari.com, make sure to write an in-depth explanation of what you need. This will help me in understanding what you need.
  • I have an automation problem for you, can you solve that for me?
    Yes, sure. Please submit your automation challenge here. I will get back to you in 2 working days.

That’s all!

Let’s get this started 🎉

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