In this article we are going to see how to do hyperlocal lead generation using Google Maps and TexAu and generate hundreds of leads every week. Is your product or service targeting local businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, car washing, or real estate agents? Then this is a must read guide for you.

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Make sure to grab a coffee and don’t forget to note anything that you find interesting. You must try these ideas at least once and in case if you need help with anything I will be there to help always. 

Total time to read this guide: 8 Minutes.

Total time to implement the strategy and generate hundreds leads right away: 15 Mins

Let’s get started.

What is Hyperlocal lead generation?

Hyperlocal lead generation is a super targeted form of lead generation that targets local businesses, services in a local area or a city. 

If you are into B2B lead generation, marketing services or your product offers services to local businesses, you must learn how to target local businesses using the data present on the web. Every local service provider wants to grow their business and if you can know the exact technique to reach out to local businesses and show how you can help them, you and the service provider, both will grow together.

Lead generation strategy is all about reaching out to high quality leads with the right data. The problem is, all the data like email address, contact information, website links and other important data is scattered at multiple places, like Google maps, business website, and social media pages.

What is TexAu?

 TexAu is a growth automation platform which can collect, automate, extract data from the web and other social media platforms. The best part is you can also create cross platform automations using TexAu. We are going to use this tool to automate most of our work in this lead generation process.

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You hire a VA to find all the businesses in your area which are good fit for your services and spend countless hours collecting, filtering, and cleaning your data to start your cold email or call outreach.

Well, there is a better way to do this work and get a final CSV with all the email and phone numbers at the end. This whole work will take just 15–20 minutes of your time and the only work for your VA at the end is going to be

TexAu is what you need

Are you ready to see how? 

This is going to be a four step process, the total time to complete — 15 minutes. 

  1. How to use Google Maps listing to find all the local services
  2. How to enrich the data collected from Google Maps listing
  3. How to validate the email and phone numbers
  4. How to start cold call and outreach to close deals faster

Let’s see the first step.

How to use Google Maps listing to find all local services?

When you search “Restaurants in Beverly Hills CA”, Google maps shows you all the restaurants available in that area. One page contains 20 listings and depending on how many restaurants are available, Google maps shows you up to 200 listings for each location. As you can see in the image below:

Now, when you click on any listed restaurant, you will see all the details about that restaurant which includes, name, description, rating, address, website and phone number. 

All these details are very important for us to target the right restaurants which may show interest in our services. You can target high rated restaurants in a different way (getting more traction, ads, new goal) and restaurants with low ratings with a different purpose (building their brand, growing business etc).

This applies to all other types of businesses as well. The trick that I will be showing you here, will work for all kinds of local business. Now let’s see how to extract all the listings quickly and effortlessly using TexAu

Step 1: Preparing a Google sheet with all the search terms 

As we need to find the listings in our area, the first very thing we need to do is, prepare a list of search links in a Google sheet. 

Just open and paste search links, for example —  restaurants in Los Angeles, Hotels in San Francisco, real estate agent in New York, car washing in Miami. 

Copy the search URL and paste that in the Google sheet.

Here is a template that you can use:

You can add up to 20 search terms in your Google sheet. Each search will bring up to 200 listings depending on how many listings are present for the search terms on Google maps. 

Once your Google sheet is ready, we have completed Step 1.

Total time for this work: 5 Mins

Step 2: Extracting all the listings from Google Maps

Now, we are going to use simple automation and extract all the listings present for each search term on Google maps. We are going to use TexAu for it. 

If you don’t have an account, signup and create an account on TexAu. You get 2 weeks of free trial with access to all the features. 

Login to TexAu and select “Google Maps extractor”, you can also click on this direct link —

Google Maps Extractor

Click on Google sheet icon and paste your Google sheet. Map the column which contains the search term and if you have headers, then check this box. 

Using Google Sheet on TexAu

Click submit and it will start the automation. 

In just a few minutes, TexAu will extract all the listings available on Google maps for each search term and you will be able to view results on the results page. 

Most of the businesses mention their phone numbers, address, website and email address as well. You can directly make use of this data and start your lead generation work.

With this, in one run, you will get up to 20*200 = 4000 listings which means 4000+ business owners details with phone numbers, address and all other details.

Total time for this work: 8 Mins

In case, if you are interested in getting more data then let’s do step 3. 

Enriching Google Maps data further using TexAu

Now that we have all the details from Google Maps listing that includes website and phone numbers, let’s see what we can do further to enrich this data and get more details about the businesses. We will be using Website URL to enrich all the other details about the business.

Here is how the flow can look like, you can decide what you want to find and run those automations.

TexAu has separate guides and videos on how to run these automations so you can watch that. Here I will cover why this is important and how it will help us in segmenting our leads.

You have phone numbers from Google Maps listing but it is not enough to categorise and filter potential leads depending on how big or small they are. Using website domain URL, we can take the enrichment work further and collect lots of details about a business.

Let’s go over these automations quickly and understand their meanings.

Meta tags Extractor

Meta tags are very important on any website, it shows what the website is about. Meta title and description shows how text and title will be shown when website URL is shared on any social media platform.

This is how meta tags look like when you view source code of a website.

This is one of those restaurants from our search above.

Using Meta tags extractor we can find all the basic details about a business. Description is very important here and it will have keywords that they want to focus on.

Extract Emails from the website

This is very important as phone numbers may not be always enough, unless you are only cold calling. Cold calling works well in case of local lead generation but you can also do cold emails. Big clients may not respond to your calls but emails will work in this case.

Extract emails automation, opens the website and tries to find any email present on the website. This is extremely powerful and useful automation, not just for hyperlocal lead generation but even if you just have a domain for any particular work, you can enrich that data using this.

Let’s see how to run this automation.

Extract Emails From Website
Using Google Sheet on TexAu

That’s all, keep it running, you can come back later and see all the emails it grabbed from all the websites . You don’t need to keep browser open, TexAu Cloud runs on server.

Most of these emails are verified and valid as we got these from the websites, but you can also verify emails using TexAu Email verifier. Just to be sure all the emails are valid.

Extract Social Media Links from Websites

This is the last part in our website enrichment work but a very important one.

It is nice to see how active and big a potential lead is. You can create different segments on all the factors including their social media presence – likes, followers, company size and total employees. So the idea here is, we first find all the social media links present on the website and later using other automations to scrape About us page from Facebook, Instagram Profile, YouTube channel or LinkedIn Company page. Depending on what kind of businesses you are targeting they may or may not be present on LinkedIn and YouTube.

I hope you understood the logic here, it’s all about collecting more data and segmenting our leads here

Running this automation is simple, I showed you how to use Google Sheet already. Visit this URL and run this automation —

Once you get social media links, you can use following automations to scrape Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

You may need a proxy when you are running social media automations on TexAu Cloud. You can use TexAu Desktop app to run automation in your computer, it does not require a proxy

This covers our enrichment work.

After all this work you will have tons of data about businesses in your area, their email address, phone numbers, social media pages and how big or small they are.

How to do cold outreach to close deals faster

I have already prepared a few cold email and cold calling templates for you. You can use any cold outreach platform you like, is a good cold outreach tool which offers email and phone both. You can find many other tools including at cheaper price on AppSumo

I will be sending a PDF with 10 cold emails and cold calling templates for Hyperlocal lead generation.

Just shoot me a message on Facebook and I will share a link for the payment.

What can I do more?

One last thing, before you reach out to leads, you can create some engagement by liking, commenting on their posts on Facebook and Instagram. You can also send a connection requests on LinkedIn and connect with the owner there.

Automations for all these activities are available on TexAu. It is one of the most beneficial tool for all the agencies and SaaS products for lead generation. Don’t forget to give it a try and automate all your work.

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