Series: Grow your Twitter Account in 30 days — Week 1

Join the 30 Days Twitter Growth Challenge and see how you can go from zero to 1000 subscribers in 30 days. Your full commitment is required.

Series: Grow your Twitter Account in 30 days — Week 1


Glad to see you here!

Just in case if you’re reading this without seeing the announcement in my community, we are starting a new challenge from August 2nd, 2021 onwards, to grow your Twitter accounts and build a brand.

Don't worry if you're reading this post after this date, that's totally fine. We start this challenge for new members every week on Monday.

In this post, we are going to see the Week 1 planning and list of tasks we need to do every day. This article should cover everything you need to make your first week of this challenge helpful and exciting.

NOTE: This post does not contain any affiliate or tracking links. We do not spam, track or store cookies.  

Twitter 30 days challenge: The rules

Before we start, here is are a few simple rules that you have to follow:

  1. Don’t buy followers
  2. Don’t do follow for follow — People should automatically follow you based on what you are giving, The Value.
  3. Don’t ask people to retweet your tweets, again it should happen automatically if you’re providing value. People love to share the good finds if they know other people in their network will find it interested and useful as well.
  4. Don’t cause a nuisance. This can lead to many people reporting your account. You risk your account getting blocked or banned.
  5. Don’t tag lots of people in your tweets, this strategy will not work here. If you are randomly tagging well-known people in your tweets, they may get annoyed and report you.
  6. Don’t get banned 😂

How can you participate?

Participation will require you to commit the time and make sure you do not leave in the middle. This is just for you to prove yourself that you’re committed to something then there is no going back. Obviously, I or any other member of the community is not going to ask you why you left but this will affect your own self-esteem and self-respect.

  1. If you still want to participate, go ahead and join my community on Facebook.
  2. Fill this form, this is only visible to me, I will share the week 2 update and also keep you updated with your progress every week. (Yes, using automation 😉)
  3. You can see all the Challengers' Name and Twitter Profile URLs here: Twitter Growth Challengers
  4. 🌟 Make sure to add your daily Tweets in this form: Daily Tweet Threads from Challengers
  5. Join our weekly Sunday progress discussion in our community and give us an update about your progress.

What do you need to do in the first week?

Here is the simple plan for this week.

We will start with Day 1, here is what you must do right away, right NOW.

Day 1

  1. Decide a niche that you want to talk about, it can be Automation, Sales, Marketing, Selling products on Amazon / eBay, writing emails, cold emails, growing newsletters, Cracking Craigslist, and whatnot. Think about what you do really really well in your business? It can be anything you really like and know extremely well. Everyone is good at something. For example, I will be talking about Automation and Growth for Sales folks. You have to be very specific, just don’t start with anything random please, it will not work.
  2. Update your Twitter Profile and write, Why I should follow you? What am I going to get from you? Tell me what you’ll be tweeting about.
  3. Make sure to write your real name. For example, Vikesh Tiwari is my name on Twitter.
  4. Cover photo does not really matter on Twitter but doesn’t add anything random, it should make sense.
  5. Optional: Clean your tweets if you used to tweets about Politics, Religion, People, or anything that may go against you when you become a brand 😉
Create High-Quality Content and Promote it heavily

Day 2 to 7: It is all about Giving.

  1. One thread every SINGLE DAY. It should be authentic, should help your audience, or create interest. If you can publish more than one thread, then much better 🚀
  2. Retweet other tweets if and only if your audience is going to find it useful. (You now know your niche right? Think of your ideal audience and retweet only if it is going to be useful for them)
  3. Read at least 5 articles every day. When you start reading more and more about your niche and what you talk about, you will always find interesting content, stories to share with your audience. Consider yourself as a teacher who first understands the concepts and then teaches to the students.
  4. Write a lot. Publish at least one blog post this week. When your write an article, you should have just one goal with that article — This is going to be the best article on this topic, on the web.
    1. And just one call to action, not two. Your current call to action should be “Follow me on Twitter to get see why wrote I a post”. Call to action is very important and combine it with a trigger (Why I should click on this link and see your Twitter)
    2. Share: Find forums, communities, and websites where people will find your post interesting, promote it well everywhere.
  5. Interact: If your post or tweet is getting attention and you start getting comments, make sure to communicate with your audience. Reply to their messages, comments and follow if they seem interesting.
Remember the CPRAI Rule.

This week we have to do this every single day.

What tools to use?

Here is a list of tools I will be using: (No affiliate links ever)

  1. Tweetdeck — Tweetdeck is a tool created by Twitter to manage your Twitter account. You can write, schedule, see all the analytics, user mentions, and messages — all at once place. Use Tweetdeck to keep track of everything.
  2. Twitter Analytics — Twitter Analytics is again a free tool provided by Twitter to see all the engagements, followers, impressions, and top data about your Twitter profile. Make sure to check the Analytics every day to see how your Twitter account is performing
  3. BrandBird — This is a tool that I use to create images, it is very handy and super fast. You can use this tool for free or if you want to add your watermark, you can upgrade for a paid plan. Make sure to use the code BRANDBIRD20 to get a 20% discount.
  4. Typefully — A tool to create Threads on Twitter. As you’re going to create amazing threads every day, this is going to be a go-to tool for you. It is totally free unless you want to schedule tweets.
  5. Followerwonk — A free tool to analyze any user’s followers, where they are located, the most active hours of their followers, and that profile. This is a great tool.

This is all you need. There are many other tools but this is sufficient, you don’t want to invest any money unless you get at least 5000 followers. First, prove yourself before you invest your money in this 😉

The next steps?

Let's go ahead and plan the week well and start building our brand on Twitter.

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If you have any questions about this challenge and need my help then feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter anytime. You will always get an instant reply if I'm not working. 😉  

On the 5th of August, I will turn 27 and I'll be sharing a quick rewind of the past 365 days here on this blog, only available to my blog subscribers. In case if you would like to read this upcoming story, make sure to subscribe to my blog 🙂

See you very soon with Week 2 updates 🚀

Stay well, enjoy every moment of your life! Keep Family first 👪 ❤️



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