Curious to know more about me? šŸ™‚

I build things on the web, travel, see smiling faces, eat food and do photography. I always try to keep people around me happy and motivated. What else we got in life? Happines, love and peace is all we need.

Well, I know you're more curious about my dev skills and things I do on the web. So let's see what I have done till now.

In Short, #

  1. I have vast experience in web technologies like React, NodeJS (in the core team of NodeJS), Python, PHP and Ruby.
  2. Experience of developing dozens of Automation Scripts (Puppeteer, NickJS, Selenium or Apify-js) on websites as well as 15+ Chatbots for Facebook and Team collaboration platforms like Slack.
  3. I love Dev operations and have worked with AWS, Digital Ocean, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, Grafana, ELB, SES, Ansible, Chef, Puppet etc.

More? #

I spend most of my time on Open Source Project and have contributed to projects of some top companies including ā€“ Google, Apple, LinkedIn. Iā€™m also a core team member of NodeJs Foundation on Github, and work mostly on Open Source Automation project. You can view all my open source projects on Github.

  1. Apart from programming, I also write blogs and I maintain my own blog at ā€“ Eulercoder
  2. Iā€™m also a writer of few top tech publications on Medium: HackerNoon and FreeCodeCamp
  3. I was featured as Geek On the Top On GeeksForGeeks | The biggest Computer Science Portal on the web.

I mostly work on Automation Scripts, Chatbots, APIs, backend developement, Infrastructure, Scaling and Dev Operations.

I am a forward thinker by nature, hard worker, love to code and always open to learning new stuff. I am quite active on Github and occaisionaly blog and manage Eulercoder community. Technical skillset has never been a problem for me and I take solace from spending my time testing new platforms and technologies.

I currently travel and work on my products and do consult. I love to travel, do photography and meet new people.